Hardy, D.P.

Hardy, D.P. Papers: Box 2

  1. File of official papers relating to the training of civilians selected for service in the judiciary, 1937.
  2. Folder entitled ‘Miscellaneous material’ containing:
    1. Hardy’s report on the Moradabad District, n.d.
    2. List of D.P. Hardy’s appointments
    3. D.P. Hardy’s letter of appointment to the I.C.S.
    4. I.C.S. examination results
    5. Assorted papers including maps, newspaper cuttings etc.
  3. Folder of miscellaneous letters to D.P. Hardy, 1935-61.
  4. Folder containing letters from D.P. Hardy to his parents and sister in the U.K., 1935-39.
  5. Folder containing letters from D.P. Hardy to his parents and sister in the U.K., 1940-41.

Hardy, D.P. Papers: Box 1

D.P. Hardy, I.C.S.

Deposited on permanent loan by Mrs. Carol Pickering (formerly Hardy)

U.P.: 1859; 1933-1941; 1947

  1. Narrative of Mutiny at Sitapur by Captain G. Hutchinson, Bengal Engineers, Military Secretary to the Chief Commissioner, Oudh, 1859.
  2. Standing Orders and Orders passed by M.H.B. Nethersole, D.S.O. I.C.S. Collector, Moradabad, 1933-36:
  3. Standing Order regarding touring 28 November 1933.
  4. Order to S.D.Ms. from Collector Moradabad, M.H.B. Nethersole, 28 November 1933.
  5. Order to Magisterial Courts in District, 7 December 1933.
  6. Order to Tahsils in District, 14 December 1933.
  7. Order to S.D.Ms. regarding proceedings under preventative sections, 20 April 1934.
  8. 1934 Cr. Cases 1073 (Sind) Ferrers, J.C. and Dadiba C. Mehta, A.J.C. in matter of R. a Pleader.
  9. Order to S.D.Os. and Deputy Collectors regarding dismissal etc. of officers, 7 September 1934.
  10. Order to S.D.Os. regarding promotions, appointments etc. 7 September 1934.
  11. Order regarding carelessness of Summoning Witnesses, 16 October 1934.
  12. Touring Orders to S.D.Os., 19 October 1934.
  13. Notes on writing criminal judgements, November 1934.
  14. Regarding uselessly sending for files, 10 July 1935.
  15. First impressions of Moradabad by D.P. Hardy, November 1935.
  16. D.P. Hardy’s Tour Diary, 15 November 1935 – 19 January 1936.
  17. D.P. Hardy’s Tour Diary, 14 January 1937 – 21 March 1937.
  18. Draft Order Under Sec. 144, unsigned, May 1936.
  19. Draft Order Under Sec. 107/112 Cr. P.C. unsigned, 26 August 1936.
  20. Extract from inspection note regarding arms licences, 12 January 1937.
  21. Brig. Ratan Lal’s Case, 5 August 1937.
  22. Various unused office forms.
  23. Order concerning prisoners detained under trial, signed D.P. Hardy, Asst. District Magistrate, Deoria-Kasia, U.P., 19 November 1940.
  24. Order concerning revenue work, signed D.P. Hardy, Addl. Collector, Deoria-Kasia, 19 November 1940.
  25. Order concerning revenue cases pending, signed D.P. Hardy, Adl. D.M. Deoria-Kasia, 15 November 1940.
  26. Confidential Order concerning trial security cases, signed D.P. Hardy, Addl. D.M. Deoria-Kasia, 27 November 1940.
  27. Order about Police Challon cases, 28 November 1940.
  28. Order concerning giving stiff sentences for burglary, Addl. D.M. Deoria, 6 December 1940.
  29. Order with regard to Pargana Officers. Addl. D.M. D.P. Hardy, 5 January 1941.
  30. Confidential order concerning release of prisoners on bail. Addl. D.M. Deoria-Kasia.
  31. Concerning writing of judgements, Deoria-Kasia, 2 April 1941.
  32. Concerning release of accused, 26 May 1941.
  33. Order concerning passing inadequate sentences, 5 July 1941.
  34. 2 unsigned letters to Hardy.
  35. Copy of Whipping Act.
  36. Opium – its history, production and supervision.
  37. Instructions for Imperial Bank trainees.
  38. Names of family relationships.
  39. Selection of unused forms.
  40. The Land Records of Agra Province compiled by D.P. Hardy.
  41. A history of town of Sambhal in Moradabad District.
  42. Order of Service for 15 August 1947 used in Anglican church, Bahreilly.
  43. TS extracts from letters written by D. P. Hardy to his fiancĂ©e in the U.S.A. and India. (The extracts were made after his death, by Mrs. Carol Hardy). As she had lived in India (as the daughter of American Methodist missionaries – see TITUS papers) and knew it well, he describes and comments on his work as Assistant Magistrate and Collector of Moradabad district in late 1935 and as Magistrate and Collector from 1944 to 1946. He also held briefly, posts as Joint Magistrate in Agra, Lucknow, and Naini Tal.The letters describe the minutiae of his daily life and administrative work at base or on tour, and as well his attitudes and reactions to people, places, political movements, and his work as magistrate. He reveals his attitudes towards his fellow I.C.S. both English and Indian, towards Congress and its workers, and above all his great sympathy with. and affection for the villagers and their harsh lives.

    The letters are outstanding in their insight into the detail of implementing administrative measures, and an example of the understanding which Indian Civil Servants in the districts had of India, and the amount of work they accomplished under difficult conditions.

    By his vivid descriptions of countryside, weather and people, Mr. Hardy makes understandable the deeply affectionate response India and Indian village life aroused in so many Indian Civil Servants. 214pp.