Goodman Papers: Box 6

Portfolio containing charts, maps and plans connected with the above. (very large)

Books presented:

Map of the Punjab, P.W.D. (Buildings and Roads Branch) 1939-40. Scale 1:1,000,000.

Trimmu Gazette, April 1939. Inauguration souvenir. (Emerson barrage.)

Goulding, H.R. ‘Old Lahore’: reminiscences of a resident …. Lahore, 1924.

Goodman Papers: Box 5

Reinforced concrete simply explained by Oscar Faber. Oxford, U.P. 1930.

Five-figure mathematical tables …. compiled by E. Chappell. London, 1915.

7 glass slides 5″ x 3″ of weir and dam. ? Provenance.

Goodman Papers: Box 4

‘Facts, figures and formulae for irrigation engineers: being a series of notes on miscellaneous subjects connected with irrigation’, compiled by Robert Burton Buckley. London, New York, Calcutta, Simla and Bombay, 1908.

Two bound volumes of MSS notes on electrical engineering belonging to R.T. Goodman. 1927-28.

Goodman Papers: Box 3

‘Some facts about the Mandi Hydro-Electric Project with memorial of Pandit Mul Chand Sharma (Sub-Divisional Officer, Head Works Sub-Division, Khanki) to His Excellency Sir Geoffrey Fitzhervey de Montmorency, K.C.S.I, etc., Governor of the Punjab, Khanki, 7 July 1930.’

‘A note on loss by absorption and the coefficient of rugosity “N” (Kutter’s) for the Bikaner Canal main line’ by R.T. Wynne Goodman I.S.E., Executive Engineer, Discharge Division, Lahore. TS and blue prints.

Drawing reports; MSS by Goodman:

‘Design for drawing abutment and wingwalls.’ 1927.

‘Kaplan turbine unit.’ 1928.

‘Design of Pelton unit.’ 1928.

‘R.C. continuous beam.’ 1928.

Electrical reports 1928:

‘Single phase alternator characteristics.’

‘Properties of alternating current.’

‘Transformer properties.’

‘D.C. series crane motor.’

Concrete laboratory 1928:

‘R.C. square arch.’

‘Concrete pipe tests.’

Two letters, drawings, notes on concrete.

‘Concrete laboratory report.’

‘Tests on magnesium oxychloride cements.’

Hydraulic reports 1928:

‘Gate valve rests.’

‘Kaplan turbine tests.’

TS copy in folder of Chapter 7, and copy of ‘Handbook of instructions for discharge observations.’

‘Nomograms for hydraulic and other calculations occurring in irrigation work’ Prepared for the Punjab Irrigation Department. Printed at Thomason College Press, Roorkee 1927.

Goodman Papers: Box 2

Hydro-electric report, 1937-38. Mandi Hydro-Electric Scheme – development report 1937. (By R.T.W. Goodman). TS, MS, bound. ‘The scope of this investigation was to prepare data in connection with the Uhl River Hydro-Electric Scheme, on the assumption that Government would be prepared to consider the possible supply of electricity in the areas covered by the first and second stages of the Scheme as originally designed, and to the above end the report following accompanied by four or five portfolios has been prepared.’

Goodman Papers: Box 1

Screw leather folder of duplicated tables, entitled ‘Tabelle Belle perdite de Carico per turbazioni con diversi gradi di scabrezza calcolate con la formula “Bazin-Fantoli”” .

Analysis of 1929 and 1942 gauge and discharge data for Kalabagh and Attock (Discharge Division November 1942) by R.T. Wynne Goodman, Executive Engineer, Discharge Division, Lahore. (B.A. 14/11) 11 April 1942. TS, blue prints, charts etc., bound.