Ghosh Papers: Box 4

  1. Notebooks containing detailed accounts of financial transactions and details of share and insurance holdings. The books are dated as follows:
    1. Notebook of expenditures, financial and personal details marked ‘Account book from 1-1-1955 to 31-3-1957’;
    2. Notebook of expenditures, financial and personal details, 1 April 1957 to 31 August 1959;
    3. Notebook of expenditures, financial and personal details, 1 September 1959 to 31 March 1962;
  2. Two notebooks containing some financial details, but also with notes of travel arrangements, lists of appointments and other personal matters. Not part of a coherent date sequence, but mostly notes made in 1960.
  3. Four copies of a notice announcing an auction of the property of Mr A. Ghosh, Sunday 4 May 1941.
  4. Small book marked ‘Hindusthan note book’ containing diary entries and lists of expenses for various trips, 1948 to 1959.
  5. Notebook marked ‘Chronometres Eberhard & Co’ contining lists of clothes sent for repair, furniture repairs, newspaper orders and other domestic details from 1933 to 1939.
  6. Two notebooks of addresses.

Ghosh Papers: Box 3

  1. Box of notebooks containing very detailed personal accounts of expenditure for the period 1911 – 1957. After book viii they also include details of personal weight, life insurance policies and share holdings in separate pages at the back. The books are dated as follows:

Ghosh Papers: Box 2

  1. Folder marked ‘Financial papers’ containing:
    1. Notebook containing household accounts, addressees and diary fragments, 1946-1955
    2. Papers relating to the sale by auction of household goods: letter instructing auctioneers; reply; Letter with enclosures – auction advertisement and list of goods for sale. 8pp.
    3. Rough notes and receipt slips for an application for a domicile certifiate in the Indian Union. 3pp
    4. Receipts from United Cycles Limited, Calcutta. 21.4.1949.
    5. 2 July 1949. Letter about share certificates and other matters from United Cycles
  2. Folder marked ‘Dasora (Manikganj) Property’ containing:
    1. Notebook dated 17.7.58 on the cover containing financial notes and accounts.
    2. 1951 – 1970. 13 letters and five newspaper clippings relating to Rai Sahib Ghosh’s account with the Nath Bank, which went into liquidation in 1951.
    3. Rough notes marked ‘A short description and measurement of homestead lands etc.’ which lays out the manner and scale of land purchases in Dasora. 6pp.
    4. Legal papers and letters in connection with the purchase of two plots of land by Sri Ashutosh Ghosh. The papers include private calculations relating to the properties, maps, deeds and letters (some documents awaiting translation).
    5. Handwritten details of property holdings in Manikganj District listing six separate holdings.
    6. Notarial certificate of power of attorney and accompanying documentation. 7pp.
    7. Plan (in colour) of house at Dasora.

Ghosh Papers: Box 1

Papers relating to the personal life of Rai Sahib Ashutosh Ghosh

  1. Zodiac chart for Rai Sahib Ghosh, dated 7 January 1887
  2. Folder marked ‘Education certificates’ containing:
    1. Certificate from Calcutta University for passing the entrance exmination, May 1902
    2. Two receipts for payment of fees to attend examinations at Calcutta University, March 1904 and March 1905. (Items are damaged and fragile)
    3. Certificate from Bengal Education Department for a qualificaiton in shorthand from the Government Commercial Institute, May 1908.
  3. Folder marked ‘Notification of exam results and appointments’ containing:
    1. Notification of results in examinations for clerkships in the Home Department, Government of India, 26 February 1909.
    2. Memo, Department of Industries and Labour, Posts and Telegraphs, New Delhi, 18 November 1936, appointing Ashutosh Ghosh as Assistant Deputy Director-General. 2pp.
    3. Memo, Indian Posts and Telegeraphs Department, New Delhi, 23 November 1937, confirming the above appointment.
    4. Memo, Department of Communications. Posts and Telegraphs, Simla, 4 July 1938, extending the above appointment for seven months from 1 October 1938.
    5. Memo, Department of Communications. Posts and Telegraphs, New Delhi, 10 February 1939, extending the above appointment for one year from 1 May 1939.
    6. Memo, Department of Communications. Posts and Telegraphs, New Delhi, 13 March 1940, extending the above appointment to 12 May 1941.
    7. Notification of the retirement of Rai Sahib Ghosh with effect from 15 April 1941.
  4. Folder marked ‘Formal invitations to functions and menu cards from official dinners’ containing:
      Menu card: ‘Farewell dinner given by the officers of the Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department to C.D. Rao Esq., R.S. Purssell Esq., Major A. Angelo O.B.E. Hotel Imperial, New Delhi, 21st February, 1938.’ Menu card is signed on the reverse.

    1. Invitation to the Annual Sports of the Delhi Olympic Association, November/December 1938.
    2. Invitation to the Viceroy’s garden party, 24 February, 1939.
    3. Menu card: ‘Farewell dinner given by the officers of the Indian Posts and Telegraphs to Rai Bahadur P.N. Mukerji C.B.E., Hotel Imperial, New Delhi, 20th March, 1939.’
    4. Menu card: ‘Farewell dinner in honour of Mr T.J. Daintith, M.C. and Mrs Daintith, 20th Jan. 1940’.
    5. Menu card: ‘Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department, farewell dinner to Mr Ghulam Mohammed, Finance Officer (Communication). 9th March, 1940.’
    6. Invitation to the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony from the governing body of the Union Academy, Raja Bazar, New Delhi, 2 February 1941.
  5. Folder marked ‘Letters of congratulation upon receipt of title’ containing:
    1. 19 letters, two postcards and five telegrams offering congratulations on the conferring of the title Rai Sahib, May 1937.
    2. List of senders of above.
    3. Photograph of certificate conferring the title of Rai Sahib.
    4. Photograph of certificate presented upon the award of the Silver Jubilee medal, 6 May 1935.
    5. Photograph of certificate presented upon the award of the Coronation medal, May 1937.
  6. Folder marked ‘Correspondence relating to pension arrangements, 1940-41’ containing:
    1. 15 October 1940. Letter to the Deputy Accountant General enquiring about the amount of pension due to Rai Sahib Ghosh.
    2. 22 October 1940. Letter to the Director General, Posts and Telegraphs clarifying pension status.
    3. One page (double sided) of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s calculations of the amount of his pension.
    4. 28 October 1940. Letter from the Deputy Accountant-General answering some of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s questions with regard to his pension arrangements.
    5. 2 January 1941. Letter to the Director-General, Posts and Telegraphs Department, requesting leave upon Rai Sahib Ghosh’s retirement.
    6. 6 February 1941. Letter from Assistant Deputy Director-General, Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department andswering further points raised in item (i).
    7. Commutation of civil pensions, part I – Form of application
    8. 24 April 1941. Letter from the Deputy Accountant General, Posts and Telegraphs to the Director General about Rai Sahib Ghosh’s leave salary.
    9. 25 April 1941. Letter about the final payment of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s G.P. [General Provident] Fund money.
    10. 8 May 1941. Draft of a letter to Wazi Ali Malik [no further identification given] about the final payment from the General Provident Fund
    11. 8 May 1941. “Form B”: relating to the commutation of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s pension payments.
    12. Authority for final payment of the General Provident Fund money of non-gazetted Government servants.
    13. 13 May 1941. Memorandum commuting payment of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s pension.
    14. 15 May 1941. Letter from S.N. Roy granting Rai Sahib Ghosh’s pension.
    15. Medical examination form
    16. 20 May 1941. Letter from the Deputy Accountant General, Posts and Telegraphs sanctioning payment of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s pension.
    17. 27 May 1941. Letter to Howrah Post Office authorising payments to Rai Sahib Ghosh.
    18. 28 May 1941, 26 June 1941. Two letters from the Postmaster, Howrah, announcing the arrival of Rai Sahib Ghosh’s pension papers.
  7. Folder marked ‘Personal tributes upon the death of Rai Sahib Ghosh’ containing:
    1. 24 letters and five postcards to the family of Rai Sahib Ghosh.
  8. Folder marked ‘Personal Correspondence’ containing:
    1. Various letters, postcards and telegrams of a personal nature
  9. Six diaries covering the period April 1935 – July 1964 (incomplete):
    1. Diary for 25 April 1935 – 9 November 1944
    2. Diary for 1 July 1944 – 26 August 1947
    3. Diary for 14 August 1947 – 21 June 1949
    4. Diary for 18 June 1949 – 30 May 1951
    5. Diary for 1 January 1955 – 31 March 1958
    6. Diary for 1 April 1958 – 29 July 1964