Dunn Papers: Box 2

      1. File entitled: Currency Committee, Calcutta 1932. TS relating to amendments to Currency Laws of India for Burma. 6pp. + 9pp. (Prepared by C.W. Dunn). Copy of printed paper Acts of the Governor-General in Council (in India) which have to be amended for Burma. 123pp.
      2. TS: Suggested Currency System for Burma. Written by J.B. Taylor. Preceded by MS notes on the suggestion, by Mr. C.W. Dunn, for a discussion on 29 October 1932. The TS is annotated by Mr. Dunn. (8pp. + 7pp.)
      3. File containing: MS and TS notes on currency management in Burma, and alternative suggestions. October 1932.
      4. File containing: MS and TS notes on Ceylon currency – October 1932.
      5. TS letter from the office of the Controller of the Currency, 12 November 1932 enclosing file on currency Arrangements in Burma after separation. Finance Department, Government of Burma, 1930.
      6. Odd sheet of TS relating to Indian currency.
      7. TS Draft Report of the informal committee held in Calcutta to consider currency arrangements in Burma after its political separation from India. 25pp.
      8. Correspondence etc. between C.W. Dunn and Reforms Secretary in Secretariat, Rangoon relating to changes.
      9. File containing:
        • Correspondence between C.W. Dunn and others relating to currency changes. November-December 1932. Also MS notes on discussions.
        • (a) and (b) Printed General Department Notes on Currency Arrangements from Chief Secretary, Government of Burma. 1932. Parts I and II.
        • Newspaper cutting from Rangoon Gazette Weekly Budget, November 28, 1932 on the Upper Limit of Exchange.
        • TS. Proceedings of the Informal Committee appointed to consider the various legal and administrative questions which will arise if the Imperial Bank of India in Burma act as agents of the Government of India. 27pp.
        • Appendices (A-S) to proceedings of Informal Committee. 34pp.
        • Duplicated copy of the Minutes for 11 October 1932 of Rangoon Housing Conference. 5pp.
      10. Printed extract on Indian immigration at Rangoon.
      11. Pamphlets:
        • The Indian Civil Service Family Pension Regulations. Calcutta 1900.
        • Rules and Orders of the Governor General in Council regulating the conduct of public servants in respect to borrowing money, receipt of complimentary addresses and other matters. Third ed. 1899.
        • Memorandum on the subject of social and official intercourse between European officers and Orientals. Government Branch Press, Maymyo 1913.
      12. Copy of the Report of the informal committee held in Calcutta to consider the currency arrangements in Burma in the event of political separation from India. (Calcutta, Government of India Press, 1933.) 9pp. With covering letter dated 4 March 1933 from J.W. Kelly, Controller of the Currency and chairman of the Committee, to C.W. Dunn, representative of the Government of Burma. 1ff.

Dunn Papers: Box 1

  1. Indian Coinage Act 1906. (III of 1906) as modified up to 15 March 1921. Government of India Legislative Department. Calcutta … 1925. (With notes by C.W.D.)
  2. Indian Paper Currency Act. (X of 1923). Passed by the Indian Legislature. Received assent 5 March 1923.
  3. Report of the Controller of the Currency for the year 1923-24 by A.V.V. Aiyar, C.I.E. Calcutta … 1925.
  4. Report of the Controller of the Currency for the year 1924-25 by H. Denning, I.C.S. Calcutta … 1925.
  5. Report of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance. Vol. I. Calcutta … 1926. (Included are two newspaper cuttings from The Rangoon Gazette Wednesday and Thursday 4 and 5 August 1926 reporting on the Report of the Royal Commission).
  6. First Interim Report on Banking and Currency by the Banking Commission 1926. Dublin 1926.
  7. Manual of Business and Procedure in the Legislative Assembly: prepared in the Legislative Assembly Department of the Government of India for the use of Members of the Assembly, 1930. 4th ed. Calcutta 1930.
  8. Imperial Economic Conference at Ottawa 1932. Summary of Proceedings and copies of Trade Agreements. London, 1932.
  9. Report of the Federal Finance Committee 1932. Calcutta … 1932.
  10. List of Members of the Legislative Assembly (showing permanent addresses). (17 December 1932).
  11. List of Members of the Legislative Assembly (showing Delhi addresses) (24 November 1932).