Blackwood, G.F.

Blackwood, G.F.: Box 3

  1. Letters from 1873-74 mainly from Peshawur including one of 18 March describes his wife’s relations; one sister’s husband killed in mutiny, another married to the heir of the Raja of Sarawak; estimate of R.H.A. horse equipment. The letters are very personal with occasional glimpses into life in India, clothes, horses, advancement etc.
  2. 1875 – Peshawur.
  3. 1876 – Rawalpindi and Muree.
  4. 1877-79 – Rawalpindi etc. and England.
  5. 1878-80 from Rawalpindi etc. In one he criticises Lord Lytton, but for the most part of the letters are domestic and as a whole reflect the life in India at the time very well.
  6. Bundle of letters from George Blackwood when in Great Britain mostly to his mother and William. Not dated in years.
  7. Bundle of letters and papers to do with Afghanistan campaign and Major Blackwood’s death in it.
  8. The Times Monday 11 August 1879, article on Afghanistan.
  9. The Times Weekly Edition, 26 November 1880, article on the war.
  10. The Edinburgh Courant, Saturday 25 September 1880, obituary of G.F. Blackwood.
  11. Civil & Military Gazette, Lahore, 23 March 1880, plan of battle in which G.F. Blackwood was killed.
  12. Various letters about G.F. Blackwood’s stand and death.
  13. Printed report by Captain J.R. Slade on the action at Maiwand on 27 July 1880 and the subsequent retreat, in which Blackwood was killed.
  14. G.F. Blackwood’s letters from Afghan campaign; map of Afghanistan; application as a major; letter enclosing medal for G.F. Blackwood.
  15. Packet of letters received after Blackwood’s death; letters from Mrs. Blackwood; Looshai Expedition report.

Blackwood, G.F.: Box 2

  1. Despatches (newspaper) from Looshai Hills Expedition
  2. Leather bound notebook with pencil in which G. Blackwood made notes during the Looshai Expedition.
  3. Three empty envelopes; letter, undated, to his brother William; covering note to Orderly Room Sergeant; letter to G. Blackwood from J. Hills, 23 August; letter to G. Blackwood from Colonel Cave, 11 August 1870, about leaf insects; letter from F.E. Moore to Mrs. Blackwood about her brother’s illness (G. Blackwood’s uncle), Mussoorrie, 8 April 1870; letter from Colonel Raban about leaf insects, 24 November 1871; letter from Colonel Cave, 24 May 1871, about leaf insects.
  4. Log of first Cashmere trip 1869.
  5. Log of second Cashmere trip 1870; some letters received after G. Blackwood’s death put in back.
  6. Regulations of Queen’s Military Widows’ Fund, Simla 1873; rules and regulations of the Military Orphan Society, Calcutta 1866.
  7. Miscellaneous papers relating to service of Captain G.F. Blackwood.
  8. Statement of service of Captain G.F. Blackwood, 13 April 1872. MSS.
  9. Two letters (copies) from William Blackwood to Colonel E.B. Johnson R.A. Assistant Military Secretary Horse Guards: 16 October 1868 asking for an Adjutancy; Johnson’s reply 19 October 1868 saying he had forwarded it to General Archdale Wilson.
  10. Reference (copy) from Colonel Hammond R.H.A. 2 December 1867; two copies of testimonials from other officers, same date. Copies of testimonials 24 January 1868.
  11. Letter to Colonel Stewart 29 October 1862 from ?
  12. Letter of appointment to captaincy, 20 February 1867.
  13. Envelope containing copies of applications by G.F. Blackwood for Adjutancy and transfer in R.H.A., with replies and supporting letters, together with a statement of service 1858-62. 1860-68.

Blackwood, G.F.: Box 1

  1. Letter from William Blackwood H.E.I.C. (father of George B.) Lucknow 19 February 1835, to his mother about father’s death. (Received 23 July.)
  2. Letter from General Napier to Stewart about appointment to vacancy, 2 November 1846.
  3. G.F. Blackwood’s letter of appointment as second lieutenant in E.I.C. signed by Sir Colin Campbell, 11 December 1857.
  4. Log of ship’s course (W.B.’s voyage out to India). No name or date. 15 June, Isle of Wight, to 24 September, Madras rounds, and 27 September – 6 October.
  5. Small leather file containing regulations of the Queen’s Military Widow’s Fund 1873 and rules and regulations of the Military Orphan Society, Calcutta, 1866.
  6. 129 letters from George Blackwood to home 1857-65: starting from Addiscombe and then on voyage out, 12 March – 7 April 1858 on the Nubia; at Cawnpore 5 June 1858, Meerut etc. until Bareilly where he is acting Adjutant in the Artillery; his work and army life, his reactions to the country and natives, Gwalior 1861-64; in Peshawur, February 1864, as Adjutant to 19th Brigade; letter of 19 May 1864 includes the playbill of the Theatre Royal, Royal Artillery Lines, Peshawur; on 17 September 1864, tells mother he has not got into the Horse Artillery in India and is coming home to join H.A. and go to Woolwich; 28 December 1864 from Calcutta, writes to say he had been playing hockey on horseback i.e. polo; 6 January 1865 says he wishes he could return overland, and Government intends to send troops that way next year; last letter from ship April 1865.
  7. Letters from Woolwich and Aldershot, mostly about horses and saddlery, about going to London and his days there – the letters of a young officer; his brother’s engagement broken off, tries to get leave, leaves December 1867 for India, last letter from Paris waiting to go to Marseilles 4 December 1867.
  8. Ship Ceylon 6 December 1867; letter from Alexandria, Aden – by train from Alexandria to Suez where he gets another ship – until the Byculla hotel, Bombay, 28 December 1867; Meerut January 1868; sent to Meean Meer February 1868 which he dislikes intensely, at first in command on 22 June; tries to get transferred; Jullundur 20 September 1868; ‘Frontier business coming to a head’; does not get an Adjutancy – quotes letter from General Archdale Wilson; 14 March 1869, Shere Allie Ameer of Cabul visit to meet Lord Mayo at Umballa, staying at Lahore and the Mess house at Jullundur being done up for him to stay in. 7 April making preparations for Cashmere trip; wants a velocipede; Gap until 16 December 1869 still at Jullundur; 20 March 1870 decides to go to Cashmere for leave; 11 April leave refused; batch of letters in pencil in May 1870 from Cashmere on hunting trip; 24 October at Meean Meer looking after his deceased cousin’s affairs – lists of articles etc; letters to his uncle (deceased’s father) about this; in camp near Delhi, December.
  9. Four letters 1871 from Nowgong, Bundelkund; four more letters written April, May, July and October 1872: the last from Umballa tells that he is a Brevet.
  10. Packet of letters written on punitive expedition to the Looshai Hills, 1872.