Bell Family

Bell Family Papers: Box 2

Papers of the Bell family releating to archaeology in Ceylon [Sri Lanka]; history of the Archaeological Survey; biographies of figures in Sri Lankan archaeology.

Donated by Ms Heather Bell.

File 1: Articles and pamphlets on the history of the archaeology of Ceylon [Sri Lanka].

File 2:  Annual reports of the Archaeological Survey.

File 3: Papers relating to the organisation and management of the Archaeological Survey of Ceylon.

File 4: Papers relating to the sites and monuments at Anurahapura and Sigiriya.

File 5: Notes and reports on outlying sites

File 6: Short biographical notes

File 7: Reactions to a report on ‘concubinage’.


Bell Family Papers: Box 1

Papers descriptive of family life and offical duties of forest officials in the Central Provinces, the Himalayas and Simla; family papers from the Maldive Islands.

Donated by Ms Heather Bell.

File 1: Letters and diaries of the Bell family, 1916 to 1937.

File 2: papers relating to the Maldive Islands.