Studd Collection

Studd Collection – Film 19

B&W. 14:01min. Agra, United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh); Assam, India. 1928. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Itmad-ud-Daula mausoleum on the bank of Yamuna river, Agra. Train station scene. Inspection of boy scouts. Bengal Iron Co. – indoor and outdoor sceens workers, equipment and technology. Lunch served outdoors. European travelers disembarking a houseboat. European travelers and a missionary surrounded by porters on a train platform. Garden party attended by members of the Grand Lodge Deputation and clergy. Scenes of Indian women and children in garden. Pruning tea-bushes/ tea picking. Dibrugarh Bazar sign and Hindu holy man (Sadhu). Rangiya railway station.

Studd Collection – Film 18

B&W. 12:17min. Dooars, India. 1929. Alpachand Shoot. Dooars. April 1929. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Car crossing river on a broken bridge. Hunters and mahouts on elephants advancing through jungle (includes scenes of a baby elephant). Crossing a river on elephants – European hunters on howdahs. Hunting expedition; hunters on elephants, beaters and shooters advancing on a forest and then high grass path.

Studd Collection – Film 17

B&W. 14:53min. Sikkim, India. c. 1930s. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Kinchinjunga (Mount Kanchenjunga) range filemd from Pamionchi. Llama’s devil-dance performed on the occasion of the Grand Lodge Deputation’s visit – Pamionchi. Portraits of three Llamas. River and mountain landscape. Rungeet. Crossing stream on pine branch bridge. Porters. European man bathing naked in river. Kinchinjunga range with cloud effects.

Studd Collection – Film 16

B&W. 12:30min. Yenangyaung, Myanmar. 1928. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Rafts and paddle streamers. Bathing. Bazaar scenes. Large rafts. Riverbank scenes. Building (restoring?) a large house. Large rafts. Swimming scenes. Dhow boat. Oil wells. Man with a diving helmet going down and then exiting an oil well. Boring for oil.

Studd Collection – Film 15

B&W. 15:23min. Sikkim, India. c. 1930s. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Sikkim – East India Walk. Jorepokri. Tonglu Pamionchi. Porters and mule train on a mountainous path. Mountain landscape filmed from Jorepokri. Views of Kinchinjunga (Mount Kanchenjunga). Europeans and porters on horseback and on foot on a mountainous path with large boulders. Crossing a rapid mountain stream. Scenes of terrace cultivation. Water falls. Portraits of porters and of a Buddhist monk at Pamionchi Monastery.

Studd Collection – Film 14

B&W. 15min. Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar). c. 1930s. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Irrawaddy – riverbank scenes. Porters carrying wooden crates. Scenes of passengers on a steam boat crossing a river. Passengers disembarking and riverbank scenes. Burmese man on large raft. Crowds attending Schwe-Dagon festival, Rangoon – street scenes and temples. River scenes. Farewell party (attended by Eric Studd, Miller and C.J. Mather). Ships in Rangoon harbour.

Studd Collection – Film 13

B&W. 32sec. Location and date unknown. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Short scene filmed from a car driving on a dirt road leading to a river (?)

Studd Collection – Film 12

B&W. 8:04min. Location and date unknown. India. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Mahouts driving elephants across a long grass path. Baby elephant. Elephant being cleaned. Car crossing a shallow river. European child in garden.

Studd Collection – Film 11

B&W. 15:36min. Benares, (Varanasi); Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. c. late 1920s. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. European travelers on a train platform with a ‘Great Indian Peninsula’ train carriage in the background. Members of the Grand Lodge of England Deputation gathered in garden. Arriving at Benares. Scenes at the Benares ghats. Snake charmers. Juggling. Members of the Delegation at train station. Monkeys at Ajodhya railways station. Scenes of Lucknow Residency: visiting the ruins of the old city, graves and fort.

Studd Collection – Film 10

B&W. 12:06min. Mysore State (Karnataka), India. Date unknown. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Tiger at a private zoo (?). Working elephants: transporting and sorting wooden logs (teak) -possibly Rangoon.