Stewart Collection

Stewart Collection – Film 5

B&W. 15:17min. Assam, India, 1934 or 1935. Film made by Gerald P. Stewart. On tour in the Manipur State Hill Tracts; scenes of Tengkukai, a Kuki ‘Lambu’ (translator). Tamu village; Buddhist shrine. G.P. Stewart in a Maring Naga (?) village settling disputes in front of his ‘basha’ (bamboo hut). Naga dances. Naga women accepting a drink (rum?) from the filmmaker. Naga dances. Manipuris winnowing rice. The ‘Women’s Bazaar’, Imphal. European ‘Gymkhana’, Imphal. C. Gimson, ICS, the Political Agent in Imphal. Crowd awaiting the return of H.H. the Maharaja Churachandra Singh of Manipur. Maharaja greeted by Rai Bahadur Dr. Gangesh Chandra Das and Mr. Stewart. Chiru Nagas (with bamboo headband) near Bishenpur. Polo ground – the British Reserve in Imphal. Maharaja Churachandra Singh and the Governor of Assam, Sir Michael Keane, inspect Manipuri polo players before the game. Polo game. An aged Manipuri prince.

Stewart Collection – Film 4

B&W. 3min. Imphal, Manipuri, India. 1936. Film made by Gerald P. Stewart. Imphal: Manipuri sword dance in the grounds of the Maharajah Maharaja Churachandra Singh’s palace. Old palace grounds (part of the Assam Riffles lines in 1936). Ruined walls of old palace. Mr. Jeffreys, the then Manipur State Engineer, points to the spot where on 24 march 1891 the Manipuries beheated Mr. James Wallace Quinton, the Chief Commissioner of Assam; views of graves and memorial (possibly in the garden of the Residency in Imphal). Disused Hindu temple in the European Club grounds. Monument on the river bank to a British officer (Lieutenant Brackenberry?). Scenes of the ‘Bone ceremony’ after death of senior Manipuri prince. Rathjatra procession: the Maharajah’s rath being prepared for procession and pulled by a large crowd.

Stewart Collection – Film 3

B&W. 3:17min. Imphal, Manipuri, India. 1935. Film made by Gerald P. Stewart. Imphal: Manipuri ‘hockey’ played on the polo ground in the British Reserve in Imphal. Scenes of Mukna (Manipuri wrestling): before the competition, the wrestlers prostrate themselves (possibly in front of the Maharaja Churachandra Singh of Manipur). Sword dance around plantain trunks. Kabui Nagas dances. Performance by Angami Nagas coming from either Mao or Maram villages in the Hill Tracts of Manipur. More Kanui dances and Angami performances. Short scene of the official stand. A group of musicians, one of them holding a large brass gong (darkung?).

Stewart Collection – Film 2

B&W. 1:15min. Assam, India. 1933. Film made by Gerald P. Stewart. View from train carriage window on Assam Bengal Railway during a journey from Silchar to Lumding Junction through hill tracts.

Stewart Collection – Film 1

B&W. 8:36min. Cherrapunji; Shillong, Meghalaya; India. 1930. Film made by Gerald P. Stewart. Cherrapunji: Views over Sylhet Plain; shots of the coal ropeway up Khasi Hills. Cherrapunji station. Gurkha dances. A Gurkha religious procession (?). Scenes of Gurkhas sacrificing animals by beheading them – part of the Durga Pujas. Members of the Gurkha battalion stationed at Shillong and crowd throwing icon (pandal) in river. Scenes at the Shillong racecourse and gold course. Khasi archery. Scenes of a tea garden. Probably an European garden in Shillong. Views of the Khasi Hills.