Morgan Collection

Morgan Collection – Film 11

B&W. 11:58min. UK; Calcutta, India. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Airplane show (G- ABPY; G- AAXJ; ‘Heracles’ – Imperial Airways London); biplanes flying in formation. Aerial views of countryside. Scenes of a large house, surrounding garden and hills. Sports events: pole vaulting, dog racing; motorcycle racing. India: Calcutta: Victoria Memorial; street scenes; pet monkey; snakes; street scenes. Scenes of docks and canal; shipping; camels; large steam ships. Scenes from on board ship.

Morgan Collection – Film 10

B&W. 11:11min. Location unknown (Assam , India?). c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Scenes of a paddy field – men operating a plough pulled by two bullocks; rice shoots; women harvesting rice and pounding grain. Medical inspection of tea estate workers and children. Performance by people wearing cow costumes and masks. Pets (dog and monkey) playing. Potters at work.

Morgan Collection – Film 9

B&W. 12:35min. Lahore, India (Pakistan); Delhi, India. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Tent pegging. Indian workers digging on a large mud area near a water. Scenes of domesticated deer in garden. Lahore: prayers at Badshahi Masjid. Delhi: The Secretariat Building and the Parliament House. Pet monkey. Tea garden – pickers at work and group portraits. Pet dogs. Tea pickers (adults and children). Dance performance in ornate costumes. Biplane (VT – BFA) taking off; working elephants pushing tree logs; tractor dragging large tree stump. River and swimming scenes; swimming pool.

Morgan Collection – Film 8

B&W. 11:23min. Location unknown (Assam , India?). c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Horse racing. Crowds and races. View of several stupas by a lake. Car crossing a wooden bridge. Syce with horse and trophy. Party games on horseback. Garden party. House being built – workers climbing on timber house-frame. Truck crossing river on a raft. Horse racing. Rescue of a car from a roadside ditch. A polo team. Landscape scenes – river and gorge.

Morgan Collection – Film 7

B&W. 11:10min. Kharikatia, Assam, India. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Tea pickers weighing their baskets; emptying baskets in drying shed. Tea bushes being pruned. Estate staff houses – new houses being built. Market scenes. Children dancing. Tea pickers at work. Spinning and weaving cloth on large looms. Portraits. Scenes of pruning a tea garden. A group of Indian children having a meal. Group portrait of Indian men working on a tea plantation. Cock fight.

Morgan Collection – Film 6

B&W. 11:30min. Kharikatia, Assam, India. c. mid. 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Tea trees being transplanted from nursery to new garden; making a tea chest; tea chests being pushed on rail trucks and loaded onto train – train station at Kharikatia. Scenes of tea pickers and other staff. Tea nursery being cleared and laid out. Women planting tea seeds. Young tea trees transplanted. Close-up scenes of tea plantation workers. Tea pickers leaving for work. Various portraits of tea pickers.

Morgan Collection – Film 5

B&W. 1:23min. Location unknown. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Scenes of rowing and of people swimming and diving; game of tennis.

Morgan Collection – Film 4

B&W. 1:11min. Location unknown. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Mahouts and elephants; large audience; elephant race; pet dogs in garden.

Morgan Collection – Film 3

B&W. 3:30min. UK. Location unknown. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Family scenes: garden scenes; man on a motorbike; pet dogs; car being driven out of a garage and on a path; priest smoking pipe in a garden; cars being ferried over a lake; lake scenes; rural scenes with white horses; guests entering church for a wedding ceremony; guests leaving the church; portrait of the bride and groom. Wedding group photo.

Morgan Collection – Film 2

B&W. 1:22min. Assam (?), India. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Working elephants uprooting small (tea) shrubs and a tree.