Meiklejohn Collection

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 18

B&W. 4:08min. Calcutta (Kolkata), India. c. 1930s. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Victoria Memorial and gardens. Large sail boats. Beach scene. Young boy climbing palm tree (Colombo, Ceylon?). Mountain range and travel by car.

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 17

B&W. 3:26min. India. c. 1930s. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Park scenes. Market scenes. Men beating cotton. Pets. Market scenes. Steam boat on river.

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 16

B&W. 8:24min. Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930-40s. Wild animals in a zoo; Pet dogs. ‘Hodges Sambhur Queenie at Jalpaiguri’. Expedition on elephants. Elephants being washed in a river. Buffalos turning a Persian wheel. Camels filmed in North West Frontier Province. Calcutta Zoo. (film with captions)

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 15

B&W. 5.10min. Britain; India. c. 1930-40s. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Domestic scenes. Picnic. Beach scenes at Hove. Domestic scenes. India: tea being served in a garden; tennis game. ‘The drawing room at Saxe Coburg Place’. (film with captions)

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 14

B&W. 9min. Travel from India to Britain. c. 1930-40s. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Travel scenes. Port Said: loading coal on ship. Straits of Messina. Marseille harbour and scenes of French countryside (including a wind mill). London: Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace; feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square; horse racing; fun fair; Wales vs. Scotland rugby international; point-to-point racing; seaside village. (film with captions)

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 13

Colour. 21:21min. Shillong, India; New Zealand c. 1947-8. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Shillong: river scenes; fishing; working elephants. Garden; tiger skins laid out on lawn. Paying staff. Portraits. Water powered grain-pounding machine. Naga dances and Bamboo Dance (Cheraw) performed in honour of Lord Louis Mountbatten’s visit to Shillong (April 1948?). Landscapes. View of the Himalayas. Agra: Taj Mahal. Portraits. Garden in Mongpoo and Cinchona Plantation. Rodeo show. Landscapes. Preparations for official garden party. Steam boats. Singapore (?): street scenes. New Zealand: Māori meeting house, village scenes and hot springs.

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 12

B&W. 6:53min. Kumaun (Uttarakhand), India; Kashmir. c. 1930s. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Portraits of Garhwali villagers. Pinder Valley: rope bridges; landscapes. Naini Tal: lake and landscape; golf. Kashmir: lanscape scenes filmed from a car driving along the Jhelum River. Travel by car between Baramulla and Srinagar; scenes of houses on Jhelum River banks and of bridges. Bazaar scenes. (film with captions)

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 11

B&W. 10:05min. Delhi, India; North West Frontier Province, India (Pakistan). 1932-1948. Film made by William Meiklejohn. India Gate and scenes of the Raisina Hill, Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Secretariat Building, and the Parliament House (Sansad Bhavan). A Punjab village and scenes of the North West Frontier Province. Bridge over the Indus at Attock. Hassan Abdal – cattle fair. Camels on rural road to Afghanistan. On the road between Peshawar to Kohat. Khyber Pass: people returning to Afghanistan; portraits. Malakand: shooting party. Abbotabad: winter scenes; game of polo; swimming pool; 6th Gurkha Rifles leaving for Waziristan. (film with captions)

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 10

B&W. 8:56min. North and West Bengal, India. c. 1930s. Film made by William Meiklejohn. Takdah – forest rest house and landscape; Buddhist inscriptions at Rimbick; landscapes and Buddhist monks; a couple with bamboo water carriers on their shoulders. Touring by lorry with domestic servants and camp equipment. Suspension bridge across the Reang (Riang) river; car crossing the Reang river and being pushed on the river bank. Waterfall near Rumbi; Tibetan women wearing traditional jewelry. Street scenes. Teesta Bridge. Railway bridge on Reang (Riang) river. Cars crossing the Teesta river on a raft. Village scenes and archers. (film with captions)

Meiklejohn Collection – Film 9

Colour/B&W. 11:42min. Bombay (Mumbai), India; UK. 1933 – 34. Film made by William Meiklejohn. B&W: ‘On the road to Bombay: threshing’, ‘The Western Ghats’ landscape. Bombay: harbour scenes. Colour: scenes on the ship deck from trip to Britain. Street and harbour scenes. Passengers disembarking from ship. Birkenhead: ships. Epsom: Derby Day and entertainers. Scotland: Derby day races; village and market scenes; landscapes. (film with captions)