Mcneill Collection

McNeill Collection – Film 1

B&W. 8:21min. Maldive Islands. 1931. Film made by a naval photographer of H.M.S. ‘Enterprise’ using H.E. Bernard Bourdillon’s private cine-camera. Royal barge bringing the Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen Iskander III of the Maldives, the Prime Minister, Abdul Majid Didi, and His Highness private secretary, E.Ahmad Didi on board of H.M.S. ‘Enterprise’ to be received by H.E. Bernard Bourdillon and Captain Phillips (5 March 1931). (Some) of the 17 gun salute fired from the ship. Royal barge transporting the Sultan and his officials to the pier followed by motor boat transporting H.E. Bernard Bourdillon, W.M. McNeill and Mr Abdul Hamid Didi, the Maldivian representative at Colombo. H.E. Bernard Bourdillon reviewing the Guard of Honour. A visit to Male: H.E. Bernard Bourdillon accompanied by the Prime Minister, Abdul Majid Didi, the Sultan’s private secretary, E. Ahmad Didi and by the Chief of Justice (Qadhi), Fadiyaru Manikafanu. Spear and sword dances.