Maclean Collection

MacLean Collection – Film 2

Colour/B&W (intermixed). 9min. Agra, Lucknow, United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), India; Taxila, Peshawar, Punjab, India (Pakistan). 1943. Film made by Angus MacLean. Agra: Fatehpur Sikri; Taj Mahal; Oudh: Cawnpore memorial; Lucknow ruins. Benares river. Amritsar: Jallianwala Bagh. Mountain walking tour. Taxila ruins; monastery. Peshawar: street scenes. (film with captions)

MacLean Collection – Film 1

Colour/B&W (intermixed). 8:58min. Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar); Srinagar, Harwan, Jammu and Kashmir, India. September 1941- December 1943. Film made by Angus MacLean. Snake charmers. Scenes of the Mandalay Agricultural College garden (taken between September – December 1941); Father Christmas and garden party. Scenes of Srinagar, Kashmir and of landscape and Jhelum riverbanks. Mountainous landscape: North Himalayas. Scenes of the Dal Lake and gardens, Srinagar. Trout hatchery at Harwan. Friday prayers. Pottery making. Camel train. Gulmarg: landscape and hiking scenes. (film with captions)