Mackrell Collection

Mackrell Collection – Film 16

B&W. 8:58min. Assam, India. c. 1940s. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Shooting expedition. Camp scenes: picnic at night; boat trip down a river; European woman and pet dog next to a dead tiger; European man posing with dead ducks and dead tiger. Hunting expedition on elephants. Display and skinning of dead tiger. Camp scenes: bringing in dead tiger. Landscape: mountain and riverbank.

Mackrell Collection – Film 15

B&W. 12.25min. Burma (Myanmar); Assam, India. c. 1940s. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Crossing rivers on elephants. Scenes of riverbank lanscape. Scenes of deer hunting. Display of tiger trophies: mounted tiger heads and skins; Unloading a dead deer from the back of an elephant. Angler fishing and river scenes. Scenes of a killed elephant: European and Indian men posing next to dead elephants.

Mackrell Collection – Film 14

B&W. 6:46min. Burma (Myanmar); Assam, India. c. 1940s. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Boat trip: riverbank scenes of landscape; Indian women washing; ferries passing by. Various scenes of a tea plantation: Indian women preparing the soil and then planting young tea shrubs. River scenes: a small group of men crossing a rapid stream on slippery rocks. Fishing scenes. Crossing a river on elephant. Angle fishing in the middle of a river. Indian men showing large elephant tusks. Possibly a jungle hunting hideout on stilts.

Mackrell Collection – Film 13

B&W. 10:26min. Assam, India. c. 1940s. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Indian men and women collecting mud and building mud rows. Tea planters posing for the camera. Outdoor scenes of a bungalow. European woman with pet dog in a garden. General views of a tea plantation. Indian men and women working at a tea plantation. British tea plantar supervising tea pickers. Indoor scenes of a tea factory: details of mechanized equipment. Scenes of the tea pickers’ quarters, including some of the squat toilets. Road scenes from near a tea plantation and of a tea factory site and warehouses. Irrigation canals.

Mackrell Collection – Film 12

B&W. 8:30min. Assam, India. 1942-43. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Scenes of the construction of Ledo road (Stilwell Road). Scenes of the hill terrain and the road under construction. Indian workers dig the road using shovels while supervised by a few Europeans. Jeep driven on the narrow, unfinished road. Landscape scenes filmed from a bungalow veranda. More scenes of a Jeep on the narrow road. Speed limit road signs (some use cartoon characters). Views of the Pangsau Pass.

Mackrell Collection – Film 11

B&W. 5:30min. Assam, India. 1936-1957. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Assam wildlife: deer and elephants. Small party crossing a river on elephants. Scenes of villagers gathered next to a dead elephant. Detailed shots of the dead elephant.

Mackrell Collection – Film 10

B&W. 7:09min. Aijal, Assam, India. 1936-1957. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Daflas and Aker dances: scenes of traditional dances performed by men carrying swords. A group of (Assamese?) women performing a traditional dance accompanied by several men with long drums. Scenes of traditional dances performed by men wearing ornate costumes and masks. Men rope swinging and traversing rope using cane hoops and baskets.

Mackrell Collection – Film 9

B&W. 1:42min. Burma (Myanmar); Assam, India. 1936-1957. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Canoe trip down a river. Scenes of various birds. Dead tiger carried on the back of an elephant at the end of a hunting expedition.

Mackrell Collection – Film 8

B&W/ Colour. 6:08min. Shillong and Nizan Ghat, Assam, India. 1947. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Military parade of Assam Regiment (possibly post Independence). Man wearing a shirt imprinted with the Indian flag. Plane landed at a military airfield. Aerial views of Assam. Relief flight dropping supplies over flooded area. ‘Air Services of India’ plane and crew.

Mackrell Collection – Film 7

Colour. 4min. Burma (Myanmar); Assam, India. c. 1950 (?). Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Campsite party and staff. Boating down river: detailed scenes of the river banks. Angler fishing. Tethered rogue elephant.