Kendall Collection

Kendall Collection – Film 4

B&W. 7:58min. Naini Tal, Uttarakhand, India; Scotland.1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Nancy Vernede with dachshund. Governor’s visit to school: Head of school dressed in surplice and mortarboard greets Governor (possibly Sir Harry G. Haig and Lady Haig) in full dress. Governor takes salute of march past of cadets – scouts. Governor and wife drive away. Nancy Vernede with syce and horse at Naini Tal. View of hills and mountains behind bungalow. Train station scene – Kendalls waiting while sitting in shade. Ships in harbour. Kaiser-i-Hind leaving. Shots of Suez Canal – pilot coming on board. Scenes of Marseilles; Gibraltar. Scotland: golf tournament. Young mother (possibly Barbara Donaldson, nee Kendall) with young baby.

Kendall Collection – Film 3

B&W. 5:13min. Naini Tal, Uttarakhand, India.1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Traveling by train and car – street scenes. Tennis. Picnic in the mountains and various scenes of British walking or riding on mountain paths. Views of Naini Tal and bazaar scenes (Mallital Bazaar or the Tallital Bazaar?). Garden party. Parade: march past; Governor arrives by car. Yachting on lake. Polo.

Kendall Collection – Film 2

B&W. 4:21min. UK. Film made by Lady Kendall. Traveling by car. Road scenes. Train journey: Nancy and Brian Vernede. On board ship: lifeboat drill; Gully-Gully men. Loading and unloading cargo on ship. Swimming pool on the deck. Scenes of Port Said with Simon Arts shop in the background. Coaling. Views of Aden.

Kendall Collection – Film 1

B&W. 10:11min. Allahabad, Benares (Varanasi), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. 1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Allahabad: Gatepost with calling box of Mr Justice Kendall. Bungalow and garden scenes: servants and servant’s party with children at Allahabad. Justice Kendall in garden with mali. Malis mowing grass. Baby Austin being driven out of gate. Games of croquet and tennis. Wedding scenes. Irrigation. Lady Kendall in garden with three malis. Train station and landscape filmed from a train carriage. Shipboard scenes. Hay making. Horse riding and tennis games. Benares (Varanasi): Kendalls filmed at the ghats. Wedding scenes; guests arriving. Lucknow: Races – Governor (possibly Sir Harry Graham Haig) arrives in carriage.