Jacob Collection

Jacob Collection – Film 9

Colour. 4:37min. Kerala, India. c. 1930s. Military parade attended by Indian Civil Service Officers in white official uniforms. An official party (the Viceroy?) watching the march-past. Indian army. Artillery. Cavalry.

Jacob Collection – Film 8

B&W. 16:04min. Cairo, Egypt. England. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Tourist sites. Panoramic view of Cairo. The Pyramids and the Sphinx. Tourists on camels. Voyage on the Mediterranean Sea. Possible short scene shot in Alger. Rock of Gibraltar. London streets. College students participating in an obstacles running competition. Weight throwing. Athletics. Tug-of-war. Military parade attended by the Mayor. Picnic. Annual Cadet inspection (Clifton College, Bristol?). College swimming competition and games.

Jacob Collection – Film 7

B&W. 16:23min. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Cairo, Egypt. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Garden party attended by British and Indian guests. Backwater canal with houses on the shore and moored kettuvallom (houseboats). Village and street scenes. ‘Standard Vacuum Oil Company. Petrol Depot’. Colombo Pilot Station and Harbour. Train station with fruit vendors on the platforms. Harbour with trading boats and ships. ‘Cargills Limited’ building in Colombo Fort area. Children costume party organized on the upper deck of a ship. Shell gas station. Travel by steamship to Egypt. Cairo street scenes filmed from an automobile. Europeans entering ‘Cooks Rest House’ on a sandy beach. Visitors in front of a ‘Tutankhamun statue’. Cairo Egyptian Museum. Street scenes.

Jacob Collection – Film 6

B&W. 17:19min. Trivandrum, Kerala, India. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Village scenes. Women working with looms and spins. Fishing boats, traditional fishing nets supported by bamboo pillars and pirogues. Woman collecting sap into a cup fastened to a rubber tree. The village mill. Trivandrum (Thiruananthapuram) Kerala: The Secretariat Building, Kowdiar Palace. Indian snake charmers with king cobras. Villagers processing and spinning (hemp or jute?) fibres for weaving material. Men building a straw roof. Wood workers. Street performance of a masked dance. Communal well operated with a pair of cattle.

Jacob Collection – Film 5

B&W. 17:21min. Kollam, Kerala, India. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Tea plantation and tea-picking. Tennis match. Tea processing factory. Golf game. Indian women carrying tea baskets into the tea processing factory. Tennis match. Kettuvalloms (houseboats) in the backwaters of Kerala. Harvest scenes. Building a wooden bridge next to a canal lock. The British Residency in Kollam on the banks of Asthamudi Lake. Departure of official party by train.

Jacob Collection – Film 4

B&W. 13:16min. Kollam, Kerala, India. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Working elephant. A group of British men posing with an award cup. Dhobi wallah. Road works done by Indian men and women. Journey by car (Austin 6?). Road building in a rural area near Kollam, Kerala. Tennis match.

Jacob Collection – Film 3

B&W. 11:16min. England. India. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Farwell party on a pier. Entrance to the Suez Canal. De Lesseps statue. Simon Arzt store and Eastern Exchange Hotel, Port Said. A game of cricket played on the quarter-deck of a ship. Various steamships and buildings along the Suez Canal. Arrival in India (possibly at Cape Comorin). Train journey. Golf game in the back garden. Biplane with serial number VT-AIT.

Jacob Collection – Film 2

B&W. 12:53min. England. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Home leave. Coast and beach scenes. Tennis match. Street parade. Cricket match. High tea served in garden. Family scenes. Bristol Zoo. Lawn Bowls. Zoo. Foot Guards parade.

Jacob Collection – Film 1

B&W. 11:33min. Bristol, England. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Dhow with three lateens. Red Cross ship moored. Rock of Gibraltar. Harbour scenes. England: glider planes show; college sports grounds; gymnastics; music band; sea resort scenes filmed from the pier; (possibly) Cheddar Gorge, Somerset; picnic. Bristol: Clifton Suspension Bridge. Cricket match.