Davy Collection

Davy Collection – Film 9

B&W. 9:54min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s – early 1940s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘Aitchison College Lahore’. Boys swimming and diving in a swimming pool. Various close-up portraits of College students. Scenes of schoolboys watering the garden. Schoolboys boxing.

Davy Collection – Film 8

B&W. 18:05min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s – early 1940s. Unknown filmmaker. Intertitle: ‘A tour of Lahore ‘. Working camel powering a straw mill. Cutting sugar canes. Boys eating a sugar cane. Harvesting, sorting and weighting dates. Young boys eating dates. Boy bathing. Pottery making techniques. Woman with spindle and spinning wheel. Men weaving baskets. Collecting clay into sacks loaded on the back of donkeys. Water mill (Persian wheel?) operated by a pair of oxen. Shepherd with sheep crossing a stone bridge. Cattle being feed. Boys swimming next to cattle. A herd of buffalos. Indian vultures by a river bank feeding on carcasses of cattle. (film with captions)

Davy Collection – Film 7

B&W. 15:24min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s – early 1940s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘Aitchison College Lahore ‘. Scenes of students saluting the camera, walking in group; of the College buildings and grounds; mosque on the College grounds; the muezzin calling for prayer; students wearing pugrees, and of general views of the College. Scenes of ‘Sports and Pastimes’: horse riding; gymnastics; football match; field hockey. Several close-up portraits of some of the students.
 (film with captions)

Davy Collection – Film 6

B&W. 16:28min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1940s. Unknown filmmaker. Mountain views. Camel train carrying wooden logs. Donkeys and horses carrying various loads on a mountainous path. Scenes of a mountain village. Travellers trekking on a mountain path. Locally produced confectionary. Funeral procession with a Union Jack flag-draped casket and firing of rifles. Military aerodrome. Aircraft (type Hart, based Hawker, India) with serial number K2103 (crashed on 8th October 1941 at Tanjores). Aircraft with serial number K8631 (type Hart, based Hawker, India). Planes taking off. Aircraft serial number L4831. Pilots exiting their planes. Aircraft – EEOY. Aircraft maintenance.

Davy Collection – Film 5

B&W. 9:43min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. A nomadic camp. Camel train. Portraits of porters. Man ferrying a boat with a few passengers from one river bank to another by pulling a rope. Village scenes. Children at play. Women doing laundry on a stream passing through the village. Women collecting water from the river in clay pots. Boys bathing in the river. Close up shots of a group young boys sitting on the river bank.

Davy Collection – Film 4

B&W. 12:43min. Kashmir. c. 1930s – 1940s. Unknown filmmaker. Young boys bathing in a river. Scenes of a water-operated flourmill. General views (filmed from an elevated point) of schoolboys marching in front of a building/school (Tyndale Biscoe Memorial High School, Srinagar, Kashmir?). Scenes of the out-patients at the Bejai Hospital (?); administration of remedies and treatments; a doctor writing a prescription; patients being examined and medicated. Scenes of a young boy riding a tricycle. A young man having his shoes put on by his bearer. Scenes of landscape and village (a hill station?) in a mountainous region. Portraits of local people. Ceremony attended by men only with some wearing flower garlands.

Davy Collection – Film 3

B&W. 16:25min. Kashmir. c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘A trip to Kashmir ‘. River scenes. Men collecting reeds from the river. Men paddling Shikaras loaded with straws. Shalimar (Shalamar) Gardens. Children being washed at a communal tap. Children dancing. Scenes of men traveling on rafts down the Jhelum river. Men preparing wood logs for building a houseboat. ‘Phalgam ‘. A bus trip. General shots of a procession attended by men (some with flags). A teacher and several schoolboys. Scenes of landscape, people at work and of a woman sieving grains. Two children pounding corn. Irrigation method: men collecting water from the river in large leather bags. Trip on the Jhelum River. Ghats: women and girls doing laundry. Men paddling Shikaras. 
(film with captions)

Davy Collection – Film 2

B&W. 15:36min. Kashmir. c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘A trip to Kashmir ‘. ‘ Srinagar ‘. House-boats. Washing laundry at the river. Various types of house-boats. ‘Down the river with an assortment of scenes ‘. Men operating a lock gate. Stone bridges. People at work. Street and river scenes. Ghats. Drying laundry on the river bank. Bathing in the Jhelum river. (film with captions)

Davy Collection – Film 1

B&W. 17:55min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘Village life ‘: traditional ploughing with two bulls. Indian women cooking, washing children and sun-drying mud bricks. Ironsmith. Bazaar scenes and street performers with baby bear and monkeys. Children in a wooden ferris wheel. Women collecting water. (film with captions)