Crosfield Collection

Crosfield Collection – Film 2

B&W. 9:21min. Kent, England; Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bengal, India (Bangladesh); Calcutta (Kolkata); Shillong, Meghalaya, India; Digboi, Assam, India. 1933-6. Pet baby bear. European woman and mali (gardener) in a garden, Chittagong. Shooting near Chittagong, probably for snipe. Bazaar scenes in Shillong. A launch, Rangamati. Chittagong Club – sailing small boats. Visit to Digboi. Hill section of the Assam Bengal Railway between Lumding and Chittagong. Picnic on the Dihing River near Digboi. Picnic on a large sandbank. Digboi oil fields. Works on rigs. Views of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly building in Calcutta (Kolkata), 1939. A voyage to Britain via Suez Canal, Aden, Marseille. Scenes of small children filmed at Westcliff Terrace, Ramsgate (1939). Family gathering at Joss Bay, Kent (summer 1939).

Crosfield Collection – Film 1

B&W. 10:06min. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bengal, India (Bangladesh); Akyab (Sittwe), Burma (Myanmar); Kent, England. 1933-6. Film made by Leonard Mellor Crosfield. Mrs Crosfield with daughter, Kent, England, 24 July 1936. Baby girl with Ayah, Maria Dominica da Souza, her parents and paternal grandparent, Chittagong (1936-38). Visit of the Viceroy and the Vicereine, Lord Willingdon and Lady Marie Adelaide, 12 December 1935. Inspection by His Excellency Lord Willingdon – 1st Chittagong Guide Coy (1936). Guide Review attended by Lady Willingdon. Dohazari shikar. Bluebird and Guide companies at the convent, Chittagong, 1934. Cricket ground, Cittagong. Grass airfield at Akyab. Various small aircrafts. Chittagong Club. Aboard ship: Europeans playing quoit and tennis. Family picnic at Joss Bay, Kent. Picnic by a stream on the road to Cherrapunji.