Christie Collection

Christie Collection – Film 1

B&W. 9:32min. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bengal, India (Bangladesh). November 1935. Film made by an unidentified Aide-de-Camp to Sir John Anderson, Governor of Bengal. Arrival of Sir John Anderson at o the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). The Kaptai forest bungalow – the HQ of one of the CHT forest divisions. Magh women smoking cheroot in the village of Chandraghona. Scene of the Chakma Chief, Rajah Narinakhtar Roy, at Rangamati. Sir John attending a durbar organised by W.H. J. Christie (Deputy Commissioner of CHT). CHT HQ at Rangamati. Journey on the Karnafuli river (Subalong to Rangamati). Sir John’s visit to the Chandraghona Baptist Mission Hospital run by Dr. Teichmann. Jhum houses built on stilts. Meeting the Bohmong Chief at his HQ in Bandarban. Crossing (the Sangu?) river on elephants. Mrung (?) men and women posing. Burmese Pway dancers. Kuki men dancing. The Bohmong’s family seeing the Governor off.