Buchanan Collection

Buchanan Collection – Film 3

B&W. 18:29min. Madras (Chennai); Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, India. 1931. Film made by Sir Charles Buchanan. Government House. Sir George Stanley inspecting horses, surrounded by A.D.C.s. The Governor leaves by train. Journey by train. Village scene and landscape. The Governor and official party travel by boat and car. Scenes of various A.D.C.s. Welcome arches (and banner) in honour of Sir George and Lady Stanley. Scenes at the racecourse. The departure of the Governor and his wife. Ootacamund: hunting with hounds. Views of fields. Hound with a jackal. Polo: The Venkatagiri Cup, 10th May 1931. The Governor’s garden party. Governor’s Cup day at the Races, 9th May 1931. Scenes at the racing course. Horse racing. Scenes from the Mounted Gymkhana at Wellington, 9th September 1931, and the Ootacamund Hunt Gymkhana, 12the September 1931. Awards ceremony. (film with captions)

Buchanan Collection – Film 2

B&W. 11:30min. Madras (Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India. 1931. Film made by Sir Charles Buchanan. The Madras seashore. Fishermen mending fishing nets; spinning twine, drying and coiling nets; digging in sand for crabs; preparing and launching boats to the sea; close-up sots of men squatting on reed boats and paddling; fishing from catamarans; bringing the catch to the shore; making fishing nets; launching a large boat with six rowers and steerman – oars are rounded; two men swimming ashore with ropes attached to the ends of a fishing net; fishermen hauling a net in by rope; basket with a catch of small fish. (film with captions)

Buchanan Collection – Film 1

B&W. 6:27min. Nilgiri Hills, Malabar District (Kerala), India. c. 1930. Film made by Sir Charles Buchanan. Buffalos being driven by a group of Todas. General view of a Toda village (mund). Two Toda men use mud to decorate a thatched-roof hut. Long-horn buffalos being milked by a dairyman-priest. A young Toda making an offering of buffalo milk (observing Pooja). Buffalos driven off to graze. General views of a Toda mund: huts, groups of men in traditional dress. A Toda woman greets and old man by placing each of his feet on her forehead – The Toda salute. A group of Toda men sing and dance in circle formation. Toda man demonstrating weight lifting. Two Toda men wrestling. (film with captions)