Boyd Collection

Boyd Collection – Film 11

B&W. 4:31min. England. c. 1930s. Filmmaker unknown. (Tiverton) European wedding. Wedding scenes of the bride and groom, the priest, and of the guests. Garden scene: a couple posing for the camera, pets, flower beds. Rowing competition. Family posing for the camera in a garden.

Boyd Collection – Film 10

B&W. 4:20min. Merala (Marala), India (Pakistan). 1936. Filmmaker unknown. (Brander – Darby) European wedding. British and Indian guests. The bridal group portrait filmed in a garden. Camel train and porters crossing a bridge. Europeans by dam. Dam building site: workers huddled against cold; groups of workers leveling the river bed; workers operating a crane; women carrying heavy baskets on their heads. Very brief scene of the Handy Hunter Trial Show.

Boyd Collection – Film 9

B&W. 4:28min. Location unknown, India (Pakistan?). 2 April 1936. Filmmaker unknown. (Hargreaves-Martin) European wedding attended by Indian guests. Arrival of the bride; bride and groom after the wedding ceremony; the wedding garden party organized.

Boyd Collection – Film 8

B&W. 4:25min. Bahawalpur (?), Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s. Filmmaker unknown. Garden and street scenes. European couple posing in front of tall glass door. A large British and Indian audience attending a sports day: running competition. Indian musicians and dancers performing near the sports fields. A group of athletes spell Welcome. Indian schoolboys and scouts parading. Athletics.

Boyd Collection – Film 7

B&W. 2:20. Mewar (?), India. c.1930s. Filmmaker unknown.Various competitions attended by a large British and Indian audience. Weight (stones) lifting. Cattle show. Camel show. Tent pegging. Musicians and dancers, including a young boy dancing. Note on file mentions Miawar for location.

Boyd Collection – Film 6

B&W. 3:42min. Simla (Shimla), Himachal Pradesh, India. c. 1930s. Filmmaker unknown. Barot and Simla horse show. Going up a funicular railway. Shepherd playing flute. Woman in traditional dress. Garden party. Horse show and competition. Indian and English children with syces and parents.

Boyd Collection – Film 5

B&W. 4:26min. Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. mid 1930s. Filmmaker unknown. Group of European and Indian men and women filmed next to a horse-pulled carriage. Some of them wear flower garlands. March past of official camel carriage (possibly Sir Herbert Emerson, Governor of Punjab). Horse races and acrobatics. Indian Cavalry. Horse riding display. Gymkhana. Gun carriages. Ride of horse artillery.

Boyd Collection – Film 4

B&W. 3:46min. Solan (Himachal Pradesh), India. June 1935. Filmmaker unknown. Camp with tents. Bearer posing in front of a tent. Game of golf (Muree?). Competition of Indian wrestlers attended by a large audience. Awards ceremony. Game of golf. Scenes of English and Indian Army officers standing on a parade grounds. Parade.

Boyd Collection – Film 3

B&W. 4:35min. Naldera, Annandale, Murree, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. European group sitting in a forest camp. Tents. Scene of two men in front of a bungalow – one dressed as D.C. in dress uniform. European couple posing in front of the same bungalow, followed by a scene of their bearer by the entrance to the bungalow. Picnic. Indian men mending a section of a dam. Two European men going over river on a seat drawn by a winch. A game of golf (Muree).

Boyd Collection – Film 2

B&W. 4:24min. Kent, England. c1930s. Filmmaker unknown. Clergyman and wife in an English garden. Lawrence College, England – sports day: competitions, races, marching and counter marching – boys spell Lawrence at the end. Country dancing.