Berridge Collection

Berridge Collection – Film 6

B&W. 9:12min. Kotri, India (Pakistan). 1933. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. Strengthening Kotri Bridge and adding two 12ft wide roadways. General views of the temporary superstructure providing a level runway to an electric crane and trollies; a pair of new trusses being riveted up outside a temporary arcade; short scene of Sirdar Prem Singh, the bridge inspector in charge; old steel-work being lowered either on to barges or the dry river bed; new work is fixed to restore the gaping 60ft of railway bridge.

Berridge Collection – Film 5

B&W/Colour. 6:32min. Bhatinda; Jallo, India (Pakistan). Simla (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh), India. 1936-38. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge Colour. Bhatinda; Jallo, India (Pakistan). 1936. Regirdering a 40ft long bridge over a canal near Bhatinda under the supervision of Mangal Sain, the bridge inspector: fish-plates are unbolted; rails are pulled off the bridge; bridge-timbers are removed. B&W. Simla (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh), India. 1936. Arrival of two rail-motors of the 2ft 6in gauge Kalka-Simla Railway over a narrow gauge scissors crossing. B&W. Jallo, India (Pakistan). 1938. An Up 67 parcels express crash at Jallo. A 75-ton breakdown crane arrives from Lahore to disentangle the wreckage. Jock Mackinnon, deputy manager of North Western Railways, and Arthur Sims, chief engineer, examine the damage.

Berridge Collection – Film 4

B&W. 9:43min. Lahore, Chaman, Punjab; Quetta, Balochistan, India (Pakistan); Agra, United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), India. 1930-35. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. 1930 – Muharram procession in Lahore bazaar. Agra: scenes at Fatepur Sikri. Well irrigation. Agra: views of the Taj Mahal; men sawing stone for repairing inlay. Baluchistan: camel train up the valley of the river Nari, parallel to the Sind Peshin Section/Kandahar State Railway. Chaman: grapes packed in kiltas (baskets and hay) are being loaded onto train. Quetta. 1934. Underground irrigation system (karaze) for a fruit farm. Quetta. 1935. Rescue teams searching for bodies after massive earthquake (31 May); the damaged Railway Institute and the house of the Agent to the Governor General. Near Quetta, farming scenes. The Bolan Pass: camel train and a party of Brahuis leaving behind the hot plains. (film with captions)

Berridge Collection – Film 3

B&W. 9:34min. Lahore, Amritsar, Jhelum, Punjab, India (Pakistan). 1934. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. Lord Willingdon, Viceroy of India, visits Lahore; inspection of the Guard of Honour provided by a company of the North Western Railway Auxiliary Force under Colonel E.B. N. Taylor. Gold Cup Day at Lahore Races attended by Sir Herbert Emerson, Governor of Punjab (1933-38), and Lady Emerson. Autogyro flight over Lahore; aerial views of Government House, the NWR workshops of the Signal Department, the Mall, the Willingdon Hospital and the old city. Horse show at Lahore Cantonments: musical ride by the Royal Horse Artillery; Sir H. Emerson takes the salute. New Year’s Day Annual Proclamation Parade in Lahore cantonments. Eid prayers at Badhshahi Masjid, Lahore, on the occasion of Id Ul Fitr. Amritsar: Golden Temple and bazaar scenes. Jhelum: sawyers and dhobis at work. The Frontier Mail.

Berridge Collection – Film 2

B&W/Colour. 7min. Chaman; Quetta, India (Pakistan). 1934-1943. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. 1934: The Mushkaf Bolan railway to Quetta and then to Chaman (Afgan border). An HG/S 2-8-0 engine on the Bolan line; passing through some of the Mushkaf tuneels; a Down train leaves Panir tunnel; entering by train the Khojak tunnel and emerging on the Chaman side. 1943: The recovery of 155ft long girders from Kachh High Bridge and the Louise Margaret Bridge in Chappar Rift (Pakistan). Bridge girders are dismantled under the supervision of the bridge inspector, Harnam Singh. Chief engineer of the North West Railway, Arthur Sims, and the deputy chief engineer of bridges, Stanley Johnson, watch the dismantling of the bridge.

Berridge Collection – Film 1

Colour. 19min. Sind (Sindh), India (Pakistan). 1934-1945. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. 1942: Breaches in the railway line between Sukkur and Jacobabad en route to Quetta. Construction of a bridge. 1944-45: The Nari Bridge – views of the 1886 girderwork prior to reconstruction in 1945. 10 Down Quetta-Karachi mail train. Sirdar Khem Singh, bridge inspector oversees the changing of rails and timbers on the railtrack. 54 Down Quetta-Lahore passenger train. 1940: Lansdwone Bridge (Sukkur-Rohri, Pakistan) seen from upstream; a Sindhi bullock cart; a single line of 5ft 6in gauge railway operated like a level-crossing. General view of the Rohri cantilever; a trains runs on the Lansdowne Bridge.