Baron Collection

Baron Collection – Film 4

B&W. 10:27min. Shillong, Assam, (Sikkim?), India. London, England. c. 1933-1937. Film made by C.G Baron (?). Assam: (possibly) traditional Naga dances. England: London (1933): Trooping the Colour; Picadilly, Caledonian market; scenes at a zoo.Assam/ Sikkim (?): itinerant entertainer with bear; zoo scenes. ‘The Teesta Valley ‘: landscapes; ‘Kalijhora Bungalow ‘ film crew setting up cameras. Shillong (1937): ‘Governor ‘s Cup Day ‘ arrival of dignitaries (possibly attended by Sir Michael Keane, Governor of Assam between 11 May 1932 – 4 March 1937); races. (film with captions).

Baron Collection – Film 3

B&W. 1:19min. Assam, India. c.1930s. Film made by C.G Baron (?). Angler Fishing. Spectators near a parade ground (race course?).

Baron Collection – Film 2

B&W. 2:42min. Assam, India. c. November 1937. Film made by C.G Baron (?). Landscape. Military parade. Indian dignitaries (possibly Jawaharlal Nehru?) taking salute.

Baron Collection – Film 1

Colour. 11:08min. Darbhanga, Bihar, c. 1941. Film made by C.G Baron (?). Various scenes of governmental buildings and sites of architectural interest. Indian domestic servants posing outside a bungalow. Game of polo. Sacred thread ceremony of Kumar Jeeveshwar Singh attended by Maharajadhira Sir Kameshwar Singh. Scenes of airplanes landing. Arrival of Maharajahs, including that of Maharaja of Coochbehar and of British government officials for ceremony. Game of polo. British dignitaries leave in assorted airplanes (registration numbers: VT-AJB; V-AHA; VT-AMB; VT-ALT). Procession attended by a large crowd. For additional information on Maharajadhira Sir Kameshwar Singh see