Banks Collection

Banks Collection – Film 5

B&W. 7:08min. Magadi, Kenya; Khewra, Dandot Plateau, Punjab, India (Pakistan). 1951. Revisiting several places filmed in 1929 – 1933. Magadi, Kenya. 1951. Film made by A. S. Irvine. Magadi – brine from waste salt; salt plans – brushing off salt. Khewra (Jhelum District) – station, bungalow; Dandot Plateau (Jhelum district) – water supply; Khewra station soda factory; unloading limestone to feed kilns; parade of Punjab Light Horse in grey pugarees. Sports day organized for factory staff: field hockey. Spectators at sports day. Factory sports: shot putt, races, crowds.

Banks Collection – Film 4

B&W. 10min. Kashmir, India. 1932. Film made by R.A. Banks. Crossing the border into Kashmir. Traders from Central Asia. Ski-joring on the Gulmarg Polo Ground. Skiers having a picnic lunch. Christmas 1932. Views of golf course and hotel with Apharwat peak behind. Climb to Khilanmarg. The finish of the Kashmir Cup – winner Kemmis Betty. Doctor carried off in a dandy by five men. Trip to the plains. Winter landscape scenes.

Banks Collection – Film 3

B&W. 8:38min. Delhi. India. 1930. Film made by R.A. Banks. Crowd at airfield. Viceroy’s plane lands. Street scene: traders and newspaper seller; views of the Red Fort; Prayers at Jama Masjid; traders outside mosque; Safdarjung’s Tomb; Qutab Minar and Ashoka’s column; crowd outside mosque for Friday prayers. Drums of bleaching powder being opened and tested; bleaching cloth; beating cloth; Indian foreman directing bleaching. Gopalpur, West Bengal: portraits and group scenes of fishermen in conical hats constructing boats; making fishing nets; immigrants returning by boat from rubber plantations in Malaya.

Banks Collection – Film 2

B&W. 12:06min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan); Bengal, Benares (Varanasi), India. 1929. Film made by R.A. Banks. Lahore: scenes of race preparations. Rider,W. Grice (Commander Punjab Light Horse) being weighed for race. Point-to-point races. Lyallpur and Jullundur (Jalandhar): Indian labourers cutting sugar canes; operating sugar cane juice extractor; boiling ghur. Benares: Sadhu being shaved; dhobi wallahs and pilgrims at ghats. Punjab: possibly Congress leader with followers. Dandot Plateau (Jhelum district): salt range with limestone cap (prospections for an alkali factory). Indian man operating a charkha (spinning wheel) in Choa Sidon Sar; view of Lake Kalakihar. Khewra Village: crafts and village scenes; limekiln being repaired and charged; weighing burnt limestone; local patwari (Land Record officer); surveying for salt mine; sampling salt.

Banks Collection – Film 1

B&W. 7:37min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). 1930. Film made by R .A. Banks. Mrs. Doris Grice and toddler in garden. Rajkot, Gujarat: indoor scenes of a glass factory. Workers using kilns; mixing burden for glass; taking out molten glass; making glass lamps. Railway Station scenes; street vendors selling guavas. Lahore: dhobi wallahs at ghats using sukikhar (a wet soda); dissolving starch. Lahore race course: arrival of Sir Geoffrey Montmorency. Race. Punjab Light Horse parade and sports.