The Centre of South Asian Studies

The Centre of South Asian Studies is a research centre serving all faculties in the University whose teaching and research work touches on the regions of South and Southeast Asia. It comprises a unique library collection, archival papers, films and photographs and has a small number of academic staff from other parts of the University affiliated to it.

The Centre was established in May 1964. It is primarily responsible for promoting within the University the study of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Himalayan Kingdoms and Burma, but has also, over the last 25 years, extended its activities to include Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

South Asian studies are well represented in the different Faculties of the University – especially in History, Anthropology, Social and Political Studies, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Divinity and Geography. There are approximately 350 people in the University with a direct interest in South and Southeast Asia together with over 80 graduate students working within the area. There are, besides, approximately 200 students from the region studying for higher degrees in Cambridge.

The Centre holds a weekly seminar programme in term and organises occasional workshops and conferences. There is also an annual Kingsley Martin Lecture presented by a distinguished scholar on one of the subject areas covered by the Centre. The Centre also cooperates with other universities and similar bodies in the encouragement of research in South and Southeast Asian subjects.

For general enquiries email:  or phone: 01223 338094


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