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Official publications

The Centre holds an important but eclectic collection of South and Southeast Asian official publications, dating from the late 19th century to the 21st century, the majority however being published in the 20th century. A few series have been collected fairly comprehensively over time, but many titles have been received spasmodically by donation.

An overview of paper holdings follows, giving classmarks, but please check the Library catalogue (top link on the right of this page) for full coverage of titles held. Classmarks have the prefix 'G' and should be requested from a member of staff.

We also hold a significant collection of official publications published on microfilm and microfiche, including copies of many India Office Records, and records from the US State Department and the CIA. For details of these, please follow the Government microforms link on the right of this page.

India: highlights

  • British Parliamentary Papers: Colonies East India, sessions 1805-13 and 1831-32. G(41):930
  • Census of India reports G(54):31 - excellent runs for 1901, 1911 and 1931, but very poor for 1921, 1941, 1961, 1971, 1981 and 1991.
  • Statistical abstract, 1916/17-1992. G(54):31
  • India: a reference annual, 1955-2002. G(540):05
  • Economic Survey of India, 1957/8-2009. G(540):338
  • Reports from the Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, 1952-85/6, and the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, 1972/3-1984/5. G(540):397
  • 1st - 10th Five year plans, G (540):338.984.3
  • Investors India Yearbook, 1926-1972. G(540):332.67
  • Bulletin of the Reserve Bank of India, 1965-1982. G(540):332
  • Report on Currency and Finance, 1948/9-1997/8. G(540):332
  • Pocketbook of Labour Statistics, 1967-1998. G(540):31
  • Papers relating to Energy Survey, early 1960s. G(540):615
  • Report of the Irrigation Commission, 1976, (4 v.). G(540):628.1
  • National Commission on Agriculture. Report, 1976, (15 v.). G(54):63
  • State of the Indian Farmer: a millennium study, (27 v. + CD-ROM). (540):63
  • Education in India, 1976/77--1979/80. G(540):37
  • Jinnah papers. (549):046
  • National register of private records / National Archives of India and the Guide to the records in the National Archives of India (multivolume works), G(540):930
  • Calendar of Persian correspondence 1759-1785. G(541):930
  • Selections from the Nagpur Residency records. G(543):091
  • Poona Residency correspondence. G(547):091 G
  • Selections from the revenue records of the North-West Provinces 1818-20. G(545):353
  • Bengal District Records and West Bengal District Records. G(541):930
  • Gazetteers for Bengal, G(541.2):03, Madras G(548.1):03, Maharashtra G(547.1):91:03, Mysore G(548.21):91:03
  • Eighteen fifty-seven, by Surendra Nath Sen, 1957. G(54):323.27
  • Nana Saheb Peshwa and the fight for freedom / Anand Swarup Misra, 1961. G(54):323.27
  • History of the freedom movement in Karnataka. G(548):325.48
  • Freedom struggle in Uttar Pradesh. G(545.8):325.48
  • U.P. Labour code (pt.1-6). G(545.8):331.16
  • Hyderabad Government Bulletin on Economic Affairs 1947-54. G(548.4):33
  • Rural economic enquiries in the Hyderabad state 1949-51. G(548.4):338.922
  • History of indigenous education in the Punjab by G.W. Leitner. G(545):37
  • The Punjab and the war, compiled by M.S.Leigh. G(545):355
  • Five year plans - Bombay G(547.1):338.984.3, Mysore G(548.21):338.984.3

Pakistan: highlights

  • Pakistan yearbook, 1969-2005. G(549):05
  • Pakistan statistical yearbook, 1967-2009. G(549):31
  • Economic survey, 1961-2009. G(549):338
  • Five year plans. G(549):338.984.3
  • Foreign trade statistics. G(549):382
  • Labour force survey. G(549):331

Bangladesh: highlights

  • Bangladesh Economic Survey. G(541.37):338
  • Bangladesh Statistical Yearbook. G(541.37):31
  • Bangladesh 1st-5th Five year plans. G(541.37):338.984.3

Sri Lanka: highlights

  • Documents of the Ceylon National Congress and nationalist politics in Ceylon, 1929-1950. G(548.7):093.2
  • Education in Ceylon. G(548.7):37

Singapore: highlights

  • Economic survey of Singapore, 1979-2001. G(594):338

Malaysia: highlights

  • Five year plans for Malaysia - 1st-8th. G(595):338:984.3
  • Papers on Malay subjects. G(595.1):308

Indonesia: highlights

  • Changing economy in Indonesia, (16 v.). G(596):330.11

Indo-China: highlights

  • Committee for the Coordination of Investigations of the Lower Mekong Basin. Reports 1964,1966-8,1971-5,1977. G(593):627

Complementary collections

From the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th links on the right-hand side of this page you can reach

  • The Official Publications Department in Cambridge University Library, which holds an extensive collection of Indian official publications.
  • University of Cambridge users may link to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, many of which relate to the East India Company, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Ceylon, Burma or Afghanistan. You can browse by 19th century subject headings or search by keywords, and narrow your search by document type and date. It links you to the full text, highlighting your search terms.
  • More information about Cambridge University Library's Indian official publication collection.
  • A guide to official publications from South and Southeast Asia in the British Library.
  • The Official Publications of India database, administered by the University of Chicago.


Library staff are always pleased to help visitors with research enquiries, but cannot undertake extensive research on individual enquiries.