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Papers of Frederick Ewart Bradshaw, eldest son of Surgeon-General A.F. Bradshaw. Served with Rifle Brigade in 1890s. Also on Punjab Commission.

Donated by Miss Lenox Conyngham.

Small Collections Box 4

  1. Letter to his mother from Leiah 16 February 1896. This gives a description of attack by thieves at Murtaya, mouth of Gomal Pass. 8 ff.
  2. A memoir on Colonel Rohat Alexander Wauhope with map by Colonel Sir S.G. Burrard. 10 ff.
  3. Two newspaper cuttings:
    1. n.d. “The Gurkhas at Neuve Chapelle – Sir John French’s thanks”. 1 ff.
    2. The Times 16 August 1915. “The Indians at Ypres”. 1 ff.