Interview number:163
Interviewer: Shanker, Uma
Interview date: 1970-09-09
Length 97 minutes
Condition notes: A little mic. noise, otherwise clean. Long pauses at times.

G.V. Ketkar, journalist, gives his recollections of Lokmania Tilak (his grandfather), his time with Savarkar and the Hindu Mahasabha, the political scene in Poona (1947-48), and Mahasabha after Independence.

Coverage notes: 'Marathi', 'Kesari', 'Tarun Bharat'; Tilak; Besant; Gandhi; World War I; Home Rule Leagues; Willingdon; Satyagraha; Swaraj; Hindu Mahasabha; Congress; RSS; Godse, Apte, Savarkar, Gandhi murder; Indian National Church; Koran; Walchandanagar, idols; Hinduism; 1907-1970

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